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Needed for Exchange/ Sale

San Francisco Hotel 


"Counseling is where the business of Creative Real Estate and Business begin" Our service is for clients who want counseling, not advice. Most of the our clients are savvy business people who are looking for a more creative application to their Real estate Acquisitions. People who are familiar with the benefits of Exchanging rather than a cash sale. Yet some are brand new to the idea of exchanging. With our clients that are new to exchanging, we counsel them on understanding the market, its terminology and how to set realistic expectations. A well defined plan of action eliminates the wide swing of emotion and wasted time. Our clients realize that our knowledge and connections within the marketplace will lead them to real solutions. Our Counseling leads you to solutions that are based on YOU , not your Real estate

These are the principles we've built our business on.

  • Identifying and screening potential deals and equity investment
  • Obtaining internal agreement on negotiating positions and strategies
  • Ensuring that the terms of any deal make business sense for clients.
  • Strong understanding of content and service business models.
  • Ability to manage multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Networking, negotiating and marketing skills.

Call us today 760-271-1265 - your initial consultation is free!


Balmatie Ramlochan

CEO/ Exchangor


Exchange Properties

Properties available for exchange


Properties needed

Properties needed for Exchange

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