Global Equity Exchange

  An alternative to traditional Real Estate Acquisition 

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Bal Ramlochan

As an accomplished High-performing Equity Exchanger with expertise on corporate developments/earnings global business trends and/or prospective holdings. Instrumental in generating, leading, and implementing business strategy, as well as pricing, product, and marketing initiatives in order to drive profitability. Provides support and investment recommendations with sell-side industry, research databases, earnings reports and media resources. 

Conversely, works to detect any deterioration in business fundamental's for the fund's holdings. Maintains market awareness by continually exchanging information on business trends on U.S. equity markets. Identified quantitative equity products, modern portfolio theory, and market inefficiencies, as well as familiarity with optimization, performance attribution, and financial literature. Define and execute direct marketing strategies for Equity Exchangers that will drive growth, profitability and competitive success.